Team Sky has insisted that the world champion’s attack over the peak of the col de peyresourde and the tucked pedaling position he adopted were nothing but spur of the moment tactics. However, Dave Brailford had an entirely different opinion on Froome’s performance, his gestures and evasive answers about the team’s race technique seemed to tell a different story.


Cancellara survives accident

Fabian Cancellara has shown great mettle after having trained in Mallorca, Spain recently. The famous rider met with a car accident while he was returning home in Bern, Switzerland.

Cancellara returned to his team in Trek Factory Racing camp soon after the collision and according to the reports of La Gazzetta dello Sport the champion met with the accident during the weekend although the particular day is yet to be known. The car reportedly cut Cancellara off while he was returning which was the cause of the accident.

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Kittel Is Clean

Marcel Kittel, the ace German sprinter who has always been very vocal against doping in cycling has now achieved an added credibility after he passed in a lie detector exam. The polygraph test was taken to verify any doping activity by the leading Agros Shimano cyclist. As per the forensic expert, Kittel is supposedly all clean.

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Wiggins Hopes Not To Be Fit

Injuries continue to haunt the cycling world with more riders getting hurt. This is a matter of deep concern ahead of the Tour de France. The world of cycling already saw some of the most amazing riders withdraw from the brother tournament Giro d’italia. Now many riders who were participating in the Giro retired hurt with different injuries and illness. The extreme weather conditions and tough challenges played an instrumental role in injuring riders as well.
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Betting on the Tour de France

One can have nothing but respect for the competitors who take part in the Tours de France. It is one of the most demanding events any sportsman can compete in and some of this year’s 21 stages will be even more demanding that usual. The race begins in Corsica on 19 June and finishes about a month later in Paris.

The 21 stages in the Tour de France mean that there are many golden opportunities for betting. If you understand complex combination bets such as Yankees, Heinz and Goliath bets the Tour de France provides plenty of opportunities for using your knowledge to make some money.

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Betting on the Tour de France

The 2013 Tour de France will be even more special than usual. This year will be the hundredth time that event has been staged, and the eyes of the world will be watching it.

A hot tip at the moment is Bradley Wiggins who was the winner in 2012. Sometimes it pays to swim against the tide and at the moment the tide seems to be going out on Wiggins. A few months ago the bookmakers were offering around 2/1 that he would win the Tour de France, and today that price has been extended up to as long as 16/1.

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